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Care should be taken in applying the following dated material in that state laws, accounting principles and other factors change over time.

If you have specific questions regarding this material, please contact Rod Fortin at (605) 367-5810 or

57th Annual Fall Conference Presentations​

Spring 2023 Conference Presentations

Fall 2023 Conference Presentations

Spring 2022 Conference Presentations

55th Annual Fall Conference

September 21-23, 2021 – Arrowwood Resort at Cedar Shores, Oacoma, SD

Spring 2021 Conference Presentations

Fall 2019 Conference Presentations

Spring 2019 Conference Presentations

Fall 2018 Conference Presentations

Fall 2017 Conference Presentations

Spring 2017 Conference Presentation

South Dakota Division of Criminal Investigation Identification Section (pdf)
South Dakota ASBO 51st Annual Spring Conference (pdf)
Annual Report, State Aid & ESSA (pdf)
Decoding the School Nutrition Programs (pdf)
ASBO Accountability Teacher-Compensation (pdf)
Child Nutrition Programs Procurement: State and Federal Rules (pdf)
Mentor Committee Information (pdf)
SDASBO Spring Conference Internal Control (Powerpoint)
Internal Control Narrative (pdf)
ASBO Agendas, Minutes, Conflict of Interest (PowerPoint)

Fall 2016 Conference Presentations

Procurement CANS SNA (pdf)
Get a Better Bond Rating (powerpoint)
Internal Controls (powerpoint)
DLA-Updates Compliance (powerpoint)
DLA-Uniform Rules (powerpoint)
FLSA Rules Revision (powerpoint)
Letter to SDASBO Membership (pdf)
ASBO FSMC Contract Monitoring (pdf)
DOE-Fall 2016 (pdf)

Spring 2016 Conference Presentations

Procurement CANS SNA (pdf)
Procurement Plan Example (pdf)
Handout Informal Worksheet (pdf)
CANS SNA Update (pdf)
Code of Conduct Example (pdf)
New BM ASBO DOE (pdf)
New Funding Formula (powerpoint)
DOR Legislative Limitations (powerpoint)
DOR Calculation of School Levies (pdf)
DOR Handout Projected Max CO Pay 2017 (excel)
Grants Management Monitoring (powerpoint)
Grants Management Maintenance Effort Tracking (powerpoint)
ACA Wellmark (pdf)
DOE Annual Report (pdf)
DLA Compliance (powerpoint)

Fall 2015 Conference Presentations

Annual Report and Other Updates
Medicaid Admin Claiming & Billing Update

Spring 2015 Conference Presentations

Affordable Care Act Update
SEC Rule 15c2-12 Continuing Disclosure
Extraordinary Cost Fund Application Process
Leg Audit GASB68
Leg Audit Changes to Accounting Manual
ASBO MOE Compliance
EMMA SEC Living Dead
School District Property and Liability Insurance Issues
Tax Increment Financing
SD Department of Labor and Regulation
SD Department of Revenue

Fall 2014 Conference

ASBSD Presentation
DOL Presentation
FMLA Presentation
GASB Presentation
School Nutrition Program Update
Sanford Large Group
Sanford Small Group