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Little Red School House

The Little Red School House Award is presented to a school district that is selected for implementing the most significant, innovative and successful education program or project.



The Little Red School House 2020 Winner

Mitchell School District

Cindy Bierman, who teaches special education, noticed that there was not a lot of interaction going on between the resource room students and the general education students.  So Cindy brainstormed ideas to bridge that gap.  First she set-up a time when the general education students would come and interact with the resource room students.  They then came up with the idea of having a Game Day every Gold Friday during SRB (Student Responsibility Block).

Cindy wrote a grant to cover the cost of game and snacks.  They recruited other general education students help to get everyone involved.  Last spring, Cindy noticed that there were a lot of new students to the district, so they organized a Game Day specifically geared towards integrating the transfer students in the school population more and helping them to find new friends.  The transfer students were given invitations and a lanyard with the updated school logo.  Cindy says that the students look forward to Game Day every Gold Friday and that one of the students even designed and paid for t-shirts for everyone to wear on Game Day.


Little Red School House

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