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Little Red School House

The Little Red School House Award is presented to a school district that is selected for implementing the most significant, innovative and successful education program or project.



The Little Red School House 2019 Winner

 Brookings School District
With the rise of mental health awareness in the Brookings School District,  they began a Learning Academy which has become a positive intervention in Brookings.  The Learning Academy is a program designed to assist students with diagnosed mental health conditions who are not attending school on a regular basis.  There are several requirements that students must qualify for in order to be a part of the Learning Academy:  return from placement in a medical facility; a referral from teachers, counselors, administrators or law enforcement;  a student must be on a 504 accommodation plan and have a history of poor attendance.  Currently there are three to five students being served in the Learning Academy every period.  The program design is comparable to a study hall that is exceptionally structured.  Students attend the Academy at least one period per day.  Some students may have class periods that they are not able to handle in the regular classroom; therefore, they have the option to leave class at anytime to attend the Learning Academy.  The core objective is to get students to attend school.  The supervisor of the Academy is a liaison between home and school and teachers and student.  The supervisor holds individual weekly meetings with the student to establish goals for the week and complete a grade check.  At the end of each week, students are able to earn rewards for goal completion.    The Learning Academy has been in place since 2015.


Little Red School House

Jun 10

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