School Administrators of South Dakota (SASD)

                      Presidents Message


It is an honor to serve as your president for the 2019-2020 school year.  As we embark on a new year, we know that we are part of a profession that has the rare opportunity to “start anew” with a “clean slate” at the beginning of every school year.  There are very few professions that have such a defined beginning and end to the work that they do each year.  This can be both a blessing and a burden.

It is a blessing that the past is what it is, however, the future is what we make it.  We must embrace the burden of being prepared to make a difference each day in the lives of students and teachers.  Our enthusiasm, our leadership, our courage, and our compassion are in our control.  Students and staff are anxiously watching us, waiting for our lead.  Our enthusiasm, leadership, courage and compassion will both motivate and inspire those in our organization, or it will frustrate, discourage, and deflate those in our charge.  We must embrace and claim our attitude and approach to the great challenge of leading our schools, guiding and supporting our staff, partnering with our parents, and aligning with our community resources.

It is my belief that local communities really do value their schools, admire their teachers, and love the students.  Community residents know that the schools are the life-blood to the future of their towns and the families who live there.  I challenge each of us to stay connected to our patrons and foster relationships that help our students and their teachers.

Leadership collaboration is a focus for SDSSA this year.  I urge you to stay in touch with other superintendents, who can help you with problems and challenges.  In turn, I challenge you to be an available resource to others in their time of need.

Finally, I ask each superintendent to focus on building relationships with their legislators and civic leaders early and often.  Invite these folks to your schools.  Ask them to read to your students.  The relationships that you foster in the fall are critical to creating the two-way communication that is needed during the legislative session.

Have a great year!

Terry Nebelsick, Huron School District
SDSSA President

2019 Outstanding Superintendent
Joel Jorgenson
Madison Central School District




2019 Distinguished Service Award Recipient
Gary Leighton



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