School Administrators of South Dakota (SASD)

SASD Community Helping Hands Award

The Community Helping Hands Award recognizes a school district and their non-school community partner for their outstanding collaboration in implementing a successful program, project or activity that has generated significant local community involvement and positively impacted the education of children.



2022 Winner

Chester Area School & Community Partnership

In September 2019 Chester had a flooding event that impacted their school and community.  For possibly the first time ever, school was closed due to flooding.  During that time, the school hosted a community sandbagging site, which included many students, staff and the community partnering together to save homes and the community.  Community members provided lunches and snacks for the volunteers. This process had to be created a second time a week later, when a member of the community came in asking for help.  This effort and collaboration highlighted the school mission statement: “Cooperatively preparing all students to succeed as life-long learners in an everchanging world”.  By jumping into action, a second time to assist their community and school through a collaborative partnership, hopefully saved homes and property for those in the Chester area. 

SASD Community Helping Hands Award

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