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SASD Community Helping Hands Award

The Community Helping Hands Award recognizes a school district and their non-school community partner for their outstanding collaboration in implementing a successful program, project or activity that has generated significant local community involvement and positively impacted the education of children.



2020 Winner

Nutrition Mission – Redfield School District

Four years ago, the Redfield School and the Lions Club collaborated, along with a number of other entities in the community, to create a program called Nutrition Mission, which is a weekend nutrition program for the elementary students.  It began when a teacher communicated to a Lions Club member that she had students that often did not eat well on the weekends.  After that conversation a organizational meeting was held and a plan was created to provide for those families.  As a result Nutrition Mission was created.  To make the program successful,, a number of businesses and clubs in the community were contacted.  During the 2018-2019 school year, 11 clubs and/or businesses volunteered time and resources to help.  These groups range from nursing home employees, 4-H and church youth groups.  At the beginning of each school year a calendar is presented to each group with 16 weeks to fill in.  The responses are quick and generous.  The local grocery store collaborates with the committee to create a list of nutritious food to be distributed throughout the school year.  The Redfield Lions Club accepted the financial management of this venture and ensures the bills are all paid.  Numerous events have helped to fund the project i.e. a 5k walk/run, brat suppers and a holiday tour of homes with a silent auction.  Nutrition Mission is currently distributing 65 bags per week.  Over the past four years they have distributed approximately 7,670 bags to feed elementary children.

SASD Community Helping Hands Award

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