School Administrators of South Dakota (SASD)



Thank you for visiting the SDSSA Web Site ( We hope you find the information useful. We encourage each and every superintendent to become a member of SDSSA as well as joining AASA. Taking advantage of what these organizations have to offer is vital to personal and professional growth. Please feel free to contact those on the SDSSA Executive Board to share an issue of concern. We work hard to provide assistance to superintendents in South Dakota . Hope you all have a productive year providing education for our most important commodity.

The Executive Committee 
South Dakota School Superintendent’s Association (SDSSA)


The school superintendency is a position which is unique by its very nature. It is a position of educational leadership, and one of public trust, which requires knowledgeable individuals of high character, strong conviction, and professional involvement. Educational leadership, originating in a local school district, knows no bounds. Its scope pervades broad areas of human concern including state, national, and world issues. In order to fulfill the responsibilities of this position, it is incumbent upon the practitioners to continuously upgrade their leadership skills, professional knowledge, and management abilities. As a professional society, the South Dakota School Superintendents Association will assist in this effort.

Through the sharing of information, exchange of ideas, and by addressing the needs and concerns of its members, the Association will assist in providing a quality education for all South Dakota citizens.


The purpose of this association shall be to promote:

  • Continuous improvement of public education,
  • Research on public school and professional problems,
  • Protection and advancement of the professional interests of administrators of public education, and
  • Professional spirit and growth of its members.