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The Little Red School House 2014 Winner

The Little Red School House Award is presented to a school district that is selected for implementing the most significant, innovative and successful education program or project.

Prior to the fall of 2012, the Brookings School District was serving various students who had a lack of motivation to attend school and/or complete their work.   As a solution to this, in the fall of 2012, the Brookings Alternative Learning Center (ALC) was formed.  The program is designed to serve Brookings High School students who have had less success in the traditional school environment.  The program is a unique alternative which utilizes a behavior management plan with academic and social skills curriculum to enable students to learn acceptable skills.  Currently there are 16 students enrolled with several on a waiting list.  Every course in the ALC is currently offered face-to-face with a 3:14 teacher to student ratio.  Students move from class to class together as a group and attend math, English, social science and science at Brookings High School.  Students are at varied levels and obtain differentiated instruction to meet the individual needs of the students.    They addressed the behavior needs by implementing a behavior modification program which includes a checkbook reward system.  They also addressed social skills by adding a required life skills course where students learn how to manage money, create positive relationships and make good choices.    The following is posted in various areas of the classroom that reads: “Dear Students, We believe in you.  We trust you.  You are important.  You are cared for.  You are listened to.  You will succeed!”    This program is a student achievement success story.  Their goal for next year is to increase space and staff with an objective of educating up to 50 students in the next two years. 




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